Some of the Top Free Logo Maker Software

Finding a suitable person to design a perfect logo for you is very hard especially if you consider the cost and time it could cost you. Having a business without any logo is like having a house without a roof. People won’t see the beauty of it. You will lose a chance of standing out as most people are always looking for a business with a serious setup and a logo is one of them. Designing a logo requires software and patience something which you should have mainly if you are doing it yourself. Why then don’t you make logos using free logo maker software? Here are a few logo makers that come in handy.

  1. The Ucraft Software

The first thing about this logo software is the zero charges for using it. Although most software says they are free, they usually charge an amount to enable you to withdraw your finished logo from the website. For UCraft, things are different. You use the site for free as well as downloading the finished logo. Another thing I like about it is that it does more than designing logos. You can also host and build your website here. Cool right?

  1. The Online Logo Maker Software

Downloads of this software are unlimited, and free meaning you don’t have to worry about trial periods. One thing they offer is many templates which provide users with a wide selection of fonts and color. On top of that, they have symbols to enable you to make your logo. One disadvantage though is the premium service offer. I agree that it is a good offer, but limiting the image quality of the logo unless one pays for premium is not a good move especially for people looking for free services.

  1. The Canva Free Logo Maker Software

It is one of the best free logo makers software. You can create logos using various templates provided by the site. Apart from that, you can also design several other items like business cards. The download is free. One downside, however, is similar template provision. You may have changed your template color but it still the same design.


Making your own logo is a good choice. Choose between the free logo makers’ software listed above and create personal logos for business. They are ideal for a personal project or a paid one. Take the opportunity to use amazing software systems to create artistic logos.


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