How to Go About Making a Logo for Yourself

After establishing a business, you now want to design a logo which will act as your business image out there. How do you make the logo? Who do you give the work of designing a logo? Well, you can choose to do the work yourself using online logo generator or contact a logo designer who has experience in the field. Sometimes it’s even harder because your budget is tight and your startup business does not have any free capital.  If you choose to design the logo yourself, there are a few steps you should consider following.

  1. Know the competition

Before designing a logo, get to know the free logo design templates they have used. This helps you decide on what template to use, whether to use the same or use a different one. You can choose a similar template to fit into the industry or better so you can use a different free logo design template and create a unique logo.

  1. Look for inspiration

Yes, look for things to give you ideas and you can also talk to friends and check online. Research and search company logos from everywhere; another company’s logo can give you an idea. This will provide you with the motivation to start your own designing. Apart from that, you get something stunning for your business that changes its fortunes. A logo is all about the success of your investment and if you can get one that’s good enough to buy from you, the better.

  1. Plan on the logo message

Different free logo design templates communicate different messages. Be sure you write down what you want to appear on your logo including the message you wish to convey. Make sure you also relate the logo to your business. You cannot include a bar soap on your logo, and you are dealing with chicken. After that, get down to business and make your logo taking your time.

  1. Seek other people’s opinion

After you make a logo, it is essential you ask people around what they think about it. You should welcome criticism and make changes regarding the feedback given. People could help you make a good logo as they represent part of what people are likely to say about it.

  1. Finalize everything

After the given feedback, polish your free logo design templates and save the whole thing.


If you want to make the best logos, it is good to be systematic to avoid mistakes. Strategize because a logo will become the image of your company.


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